Freezer to fridge

Hi there, newbie question.
I’m trying to utilize a small freezer (5 cu.ft.)as a cooler. Can I use a multi-sensor such as iris or contact sensor to trigger a zwave outlet to turn on and off and control the temperature this way? I’d like to keep it between 37 degrees to 43 degrees.

You could, theoretically. But the rule would run in the cloud, and with the cloud outages lately, I wouldn’t risk any precious contents (aka beer) inside of it.


You could, but it would be much more reliable to use an entirely local control mains-powered device like the following:


Darn, that’s critical. Lol. I’ll give it a whirl. Skank beer!

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Ok, 24 hour test… IT WORKS! So far so good and kwh consumption is about 170 watts in a 24 hour period. Mind you, I reset and measured once I achieved the desired temperature. Now to see how it holds at 110 degree outdoor temperature over time.