Freezer reported 67109 W which is above your threshold of 1000


No messages for that sensor show up in the app on my Android phone.

That and the device monitoring the freezer’s temp is called “Freezer Temperature”. The device named “Freezer” is an in-line switch. I logged into the dev console and noted the ‘Current States, Power’ is 67109 W. Which would explain the number. Odd it didn’t send me any other alerts these many past months it’s been connected.

Even more odd whatever was responsible for sending me messages confused wattage with temperature.

I’d kinda hoped to be able to use the power values to keep tabs on whether or not the freezer was drawing more power than expected. If just as a sign it was acting up. I’ve given up on that as the ST environment didn’t really have much to help for this. I’ll have to remember to take it out of service.

I’m just glad it sent me such a nonsensical number. Had I gotten it with a more reasonable number, while traveling, I’d have freaked out a bit, thinking the fridge was dead/dying.

If anyone from ST cares I’d gladly share the URL for the device in my database.