Freedompop service

Hey all!

I’ve been reading about this new Freedompop service… whatsapp included for 0€ just the initial activation cost…

but it seems to need an android app in order to work…

anyone here know if/how I could potentially craft a device to place in my apartment building’s mailbox down below that could send me a whatsapp message everytime it detected (motion, light?) a letter was dropped into the box?

I live too far up (about 6 floors high) for wifi/zwave to reach…


I can’t help with your device. A note about freedom pop. I recently tried to setup a cheap tablet on their service. Was good to go everything worked as long as I stood outside. The free service was on Sprint towers but only for a 4G connection.
I was on the tablet edge of 4G so wouldn’t work for me.

So check to make sure your covered by whatever service the contract requires. I could get 3G signal, but deal was only on 4G bandwidth.