Free Smartthings Extend

That was my understanding also. I think the deal with it being one of the new Smart TV’s is that the Smartthings app comes pre-loaded on the TV but I also read that the higher end models from last year (9000 and 8000 series) will be able to receive an update. Then you just need the Extend with the antennas.

Either way, I’m not in the market for a $2k-$20k TV any time in the foreseeable future.

Historically, Samsung releases TV’s announced at CES at the beginning of Q2 (early April). This year was no exception. However, one of the major announced features (SmartThings) was suspiciously missing. I assume the feature was not ready for production, but Samsung did’t want to delay the product launch and gave SmartThings one quarter extension. Hence the “sometime this summer” estimate. However, should it not be released before the summer is out, I’m afraid someone is going to pay the price.


Wonder how much time they get before it’s considered false advertising on Samsung’s part? When you tell people a $2000 tv will do something but it doesn’t or it may one day in the future, but not right now, is that not false advertising?

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I for one would have been mad if I had pulled the trigger on one of the new models only to have been sitting around twiddling my thumbs waiting for some promised functionality.
I wouldn’t fork out that kind of money just to get ST built into my TV, but the downstairs unit is due to be replaced. It’s a 9 year old 55lb 42" plasma. But if they can’t get ST running on the new models, I’d prefer to save a lot of money and get an older or lower end model.

They’ve never had the current system working properly. Still constant failures. Every time they Do something new they break something else. I can’t believe keep they getting away with so many false promises. I just wish they would get what they have working before they work on anything else.
Had to shut the system in the vacation home down. If you’re not there everyday to dick around with the system useless after a week.

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