Free Nest Thermostat E (if they control it) for Consumers Energy Michigan

If you live in Michigan and have Consumers Energy you can sign up for a free Nest thermostat E, using their Peak Power Savers Smart Thermostat Program. It allows them to change they thermostat during peak times.

Here is the link.

And a link to the program.

Quote from the program link. “this doesn’t mean you lose control of your settings: you’ll always be notified about upcoming Energy Savings Events, and you can override automatic adjustments at any time”

I got one. It will be on eBay soon. What makes it really funny is that it is for Consumers Power Electric customers. They marked me eligible even though I only buy gas from them. My electricity comes from DTE.

And, you can integrate it to SmartThings using MyNextManagerV2:

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Other thermostats are discounted too. Regular Nest and two Emersons.®-Smart-Thermostats/