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Foxx Range Extender

(Martin Armitage) #1

I have Foxx Range Extender. As soon as I close the smartthings app the Foxx device closes. Has anyone seen this happen?

(Mark) #2

Just to clarify, you’re talking about a z-wave repeater right?

And what do you mean the device closes when you close your mobile app? Like the power shuts off?

I can’t imagine how that could be related to the app on your phone or tablet being open or closed.

(Martin Armitage) #3

Hi, yes zwave repeater. It is very consistent. Close the ST app, reopen, Extender turned off.


What is the status of the LED light on the device?

(Martin Armitage) #5

led looks fine. I think it must be a faulty Extender in some way. Not sure why coming out of the app switches it off as shown when I reopen the app.