Found SmartApp under device that doesn't use it


I have Smart Lighting set to turn on the den ceiling lights when motion starts. It works but I noticed after the recent update the light were slow to respond. Other lights are programmed to turn on when the ceiling lights come on via Rule Machine. After the update the lights programmed in RM to turn on when the ceiling lights came on, illuminated before the the ceiling lights.
Ceiling lights are on a GE dimmer. Bulbs are Wemo, Cree, Lightify. Here’s the order of turning on.
Lightify, then the Wemo and Cree, then the ceiling. (the lightify was the last bulb paired)

Today I found the SmartApp for turning on the ceiling light on under my mailbox contact sensor’s Smart Apps. It’s also where it should be under the motion sensor and dimmer that use it. I deleted the rule in the mailbox Smart Apps and of course it delete it from the devices that were use it. Rebuilt the rule in Smart Lighting and it’s working as it should. Oddly the Lightify come on last now.

Any idea why/how the smart lighting all was listed under the wrong device?

(John) #2

Database corruption (again)!