Foster Parent Trying to use Iris keypad to help with documentation

I have been out of the world of Smartthings for a while and I think I have forgotten about everything I once knew, so I need help.

I have to document the exact minute and administrator of every medication I give to any of my kiddos and have been using mini motes to send me messages when we administer the meds but I keep caring for more kiddos and want to stop buying additional mini motes and wanted a ten digit keypad to accomplish the same thing (and don’t have time to figure this out for myself!).

I want to create four digit codes which will send me a message corresponding to the code with the administrator, time, medication, etc. (Ex: admin would correspond to the first digit, child to the second digit, third and forth to the medication.) Right now I have a rule for each valid combination and that’s clunky but I’d be fine with that.

How can I make the Iris keypad send me the actual digits pressed? Or what is the best way to accomplish this? Thank you! This could eventually save me hours of work a week!