Foscam R2 device handler



I would like to integrate my Foscam R2 with Smartthings but I can’t find a SmartApp to integrate. I only find the one from RBoy which seems to cost $35 to have access to the code. I would obviously prefer a free device handler, but also don’t have a problem paying for it, I just think $35 is a little steep.

What other options are out there to integrate Foscam R2?

Thanks in advance!

(Mark) #2

@Rboy has quite a few smartapps and device handlers, $35 gets you access to all of them.

(Jimmy) #3

What are you wanting to do with it? If the R2 is like the C1 where it’s RTSP only, you can’t steam via ST.

(David Hamilton) #4

I was able to stream the R4… It was hit or miss most times though.


I really just want to be able to turn the camera on and off depending if somebody is at home. I have a routine that turns the lights off and locks the doors when I leave, I want to add the camera now and activate it when I leave as a security camera.

(Mark) #6

What do you mean by activate? Record continuously? Record if the camera detects motion? Record if the alarm input closes?

(Jimmy) #7

When you activate it, where do you want to store recordings?