Foscam Presence Alarm

This is my first SmartApp so I need some help testing it. This is supposed to enable and disable the alarm on Foscam cameras depending on if people are present or not. It will need either my Foscam HD Camera device type or imbrian’s Foscam device type. The app is also supposed to notify you when the alarms are enabled and disabled and the button will either enable or disable the alarm depending on what you set it to do. I’m not sure how to test without running outside and coming back in so any help is appreciated.

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Hi, I’m somewhat new to the Smart Things world but successfully installed your Foscam device and it’s working just fine with all three of my webcams. My only question about your Foscam Presence Alarm is… how do I include it with the installed device? I have the alarm listed as one of my smart apps, but don’t have a clue how to add it to my existing webcam devices? I can’t get it to display on the iphone app to add it to the device, but it is listed when I log into my account on the website. Until I figure this out, I’ll just have to manually turn the alarm on & off, but sure would like to set it up to do it automatically when I’m away. Hopefully in the near future, ST will figure out a way to get a live image to display instead of having to take a picture. By the way, thank you for sharing your Foscam device!!!

Hello again,
Ok… I finally learned how to get SmartApps to display under My Apps on my iPhone. I added the Foscam Presence Alarm and configured it for one of my three Foscam cameras… It’s not working, it doesn’t arm the selected camera when I’m away? All of my other devices do what they are supposed to do when I (my iphone) is away and when I return, but my webcam’s motion detection alarm does not change settings? (I had to confirm this by checking the Foscam Pro app’s camera settings screen). Is it the app or am I doing something wrong here? Would love to get this working! Thanks

@azcoyotedog Do you have an HD camera (9xxx)? The device type I created for the HD cameras does not restore the alarm setting at the moment. I need to add the settings into the device.

I’ve got two 8910W cameras working well with your Device Type, and I got the Presence alarm working, as well. Great job!

My only gripe so far is that there’s no real-time viewing option, and that only three of the presets are exposed in the app. The cruise buttons aren’t very helpful with the sluggish screenshot performance; any chance of either adding more preset buttons, or replacing the cruise options?

It’s possible I don’t see the value in the cruise buttons because I don’t understand how they’d be useful.

Sorry, noob question here:

How do install your app? What do I do with the file you linked?

Thanks guys.