Foscam Mode Alarm

This app will enable the Foscam alarm when set to a certain mode and disable the alarm when changed to a different mode. This will need a Foscam device type.


  1. Added the option to only run between certain times.
  2. Allowed multiple mode selection

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I like it! Giving it a try.
Instead of selecting the presence sensors themselves, why not just trigger on modes? I already have ST going into away mode when my presence sensors leave.

@docwisdom This code does trigger on mode change. I made a presence trigger one also that I posted. Did you install that one instead?

I pulled the one from the shared code in the IDE. I thought it was the same.

@eparkerjr what happens to the snapshot that it takes with this app?

Just got on to my ipad and all the snapshot that I took this afternoon show up. on my android devices I get no pictures? Anyone know why?

Been away for a bit and trying to get back into this.

@llcanada When I created this, Android didn’t support saving the images yet. I’m not sure if this has changed.