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Foscam FI9851p

(Anderson Carlos Costa) #1

Hello guys
I’m new
I’m trying to add ip camera Foscam
I am pasting the code create the device
shows the active state
but it does not appear the image of the camera

can you send me the code

Can anyone help me

sorry, I do not speak english very well


This is the one I am using and it works well using the external URL of the camera.

You have to select capture or take for a snapshot to appear.

(Anderson Carlos Costa) #3

It appears the stream?
or image capture?

(Dean Smith) #4

I believe this one is image capture based on trigger.

(Anderson Carlos Costa) #5

I can get stream?
deculpe not speak very well English

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(Dean Smith) #6

As far as I’m aware the stream needs to be accessed outside of ST. However for a security systems, Smartthings can actually take still images with the SHM is activated.

(Anderson Carlos Costa) #7

Thank you so much
helped me a lot