Forum errors using Safari on iOS

(Robin) #1

I am getting numerous errors using Safari on iOS when using this forum:

  • When selecting text and then clicking ‘Quote’ it only quotes one word from the selection. I have to copy paste the rest of the quote manually!

  • Every now and then, the text from random posts gets cropped showing just half the post… (I’ll try to get a screen shot next time it happens)

  • when switching between ‘activity’ and ‘summary’ (when viewing someone’s profile) it gets stuck with a spinning wheel until I hit refresh.

All of the above has only been happening for the past 3-4 days, I have not updated my iOS or Safari in that time.

Is anyone else getting the same glitches?

I have tried switching to Chrone on iOS but that has its own set of problems (text entry window won’t scroll down so you can only type 7-8 lines before it goes below the bottom of the window and you can’t see what you’re typing!)

Edit: all of the above issues occur when connected to various different wifi networks and mobile.

(Mark) #2

That’s what happens when trying to quote your (entire) post. So yes to issue #1 for me too. I haven’t noticed the other two but will pay more attention.


I know two ways to quote and both are working for me with Safari on iPad.

  1. tap the reply button.

In the empty reply box, tap the quote button (do not select any text first). This will then quote the entire post. If you want, you can edit it down then.

Two) select the part of a post that you want to quote. A small pop-up will appear. Tap quote.

This will create a reply box with just the part you selected quoted.

I don’t know if there’s a difference with a Mac.

(Robin) #4

This is the method that is causing the first error.

To select text on iOS (iPhone) you have to press and hold or double tap one word, that one word gets selected and the ‘quote’ pop-up appears. You then have expand the selection using the two blue grips… It is the word in the initial selection (before expansion) that gets quoted and nothing else.