Forum enhancement request: External Links

The majority of forums that I’m on, when I click on an external link (ie, one that takes me off this forum to a new website), it brings it up in a new tab. This is helpful in that I don’t “lose my place” on the original forum.

Is it possible to have this happen here as well? I suppose I should also ask: Would the majority of others prefer this method?

I vote yes to opening links in a new tab.

We could spend time trying to get that to work by default, however, each time you add a link you can check the box next to:


This comes up when you use the LINK function in the button bar for the form but not (of course) when you just paste in a link.

Workaround for now?

Well, I just found a plugin that I am going to test. Here is the link to the plugin:

Though with some testing this does not appear to work.