FortrezZ Water Flow Meter

That’s too busy to really read through and I don’t see events for just the meter in the first image, just the second. Can you click on the device so that it filters events for just that device?

ok that’s more helpful. look like the config isn’t taking or there’s a value not set right. What does the device’s current states look like? Here’s a screen shot of what I’d like to see:

Line 264 that’s referenced in that error has to do with configuration. Please try changing those again and see if live logging fails again. Run water too and capture live logging. You’re almost there.

Here’s my current status…
I believe to have noticed that error of line 264, prior to making any settings adjustments in the APP…

I’m wondering if I added the Fortrezz device correctly…

I did by adding from “By Brand” chose Fortezz and then chose “valve”.
Let me know if you think that is the correct add…

attached is my current status.

the only items that have logged are Water Temp and when I switch to battery and Power supply… those are logging in both live logging and also in the ST’s phone APP

It still found the right DTH because the fingerprint in the dth matched what the device has.

Did you change the preferences again and try running water to see if live logging sees events?

That tells me the device is communicating just fine because those events are sent when changing power sources.

ok… did the settings changed which showed in live logging, then ran water… .

No running water showing in logs at all… no data there… no live logging of water running

Can you confirm how I added, via Brand, Fortrezz, Valve ?

Very weird, and it almost sounds like what the other person was having issues with when one of their connectors broke off. Even if there were errors with the code and handling data, we should at least see events of data coming in like this:


Try swapping the USB connectors around. Either one of them will accept power and the data sensor from the meter.

Technically you should have just used the scan nearby option.

ok… flipping those usb connectors definelty helped!

Soon as I did that, data started coming over, soon as I ran water…

But once i stopped running water, and to run again… I get nothing… LOL

What so you have you your report threshold set to? Try 1. It’s odd that you got data once and then nothing.

ok, I had put back to 1 for both Reporting Rate and High Flow, both 1.

Ran the water for 3 minutes with no reporting… :frowning:

Ok, so at this point I’d say you could have an issue with the cable coming from the meter. Perhaps when you swapped USB ports it moved the cable enough to reconnect a short in the wire. Perhaps play around with positioning the cable in a different way and run water again? You know the meter sends the data to ST, especially temp and power source, just not meter data, that’s why I’m thinking you have a problem with the cable coming from the meter.

will do, checking that cable now…

I did just remove the Fortrezz and readd by “find nearby”… probrably not needed…

I do see this in the logs, error… see attached…

Seeing more errors now…

Did you set you preferences after you removed and readded the meter? I suspect you need to do that, per my notes in that other discussion.

yep… have re selected settings… ugghhhh :frowning:

Your reporting interval says NULL. Please change that from 1 to 2 and then go back and change it to 1 again. Watch live logging to make sure errors go away.

Yep… the problem appears to be the connectors on the FMI, if I keep pressure on them, all works perfectly…

That’s kinda what I suspected. You can try Fortrezz support, and if they can’t help, try a cell phone repair shop that can solder connectors that small if you don’t want to try yourself. Sorry you had to go through all that!

Excellent work John!!

Thank You so much for your support and efforts!!

I am now using the other two Smart Apps you have updated as well… Job well done!!

I’ll continue to use by keeping pressure on the connectors… Once they stop working, I’ll bring to a cell phone location for repairs…

Sadly, my FMI has not been used or handled that much… so I suspect maybe they have deteriorated from environment exposure… as it is in my garage and not a air conditioned space…

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No problem at all!