FortrezZ Mimolite and edge drivers

Hello, I currently have a custom app that notifies when “power is out”
I do not see an attribute for “power out”: when I try and create a routine that checks the mimolite status.

Will the mimolite device be supported with edge drivers?

If it is, is there an attribute for the “power out” feature?

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Only if FortrezZ creates one, otherwise it should default to a generic zwave switch. My money is on FortrezZ NOT developing an edge driver.

Thanks for the info, added the word FortrezZ to the title for others if they have similar question.


Interested in this as well. Just curious if any of you had any new info. Thanks!

I am very interested in this as well.

Thanks to @philh30 who passed this along.

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Source code:

ST-Edge-Drivers/FortrezZ/MIMOlite at main · philh30/ST-Edge-Drivers


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@philh30 is there any way to add an option to the driver so that Mimo Switch is recognized as a type lock or door so that the states are open/closed instead of Off/On. I think there are a few people that use the Mimo to control garage doors or maglocks and it would be great to have that nuance fixed. Thanks Manel


I use MIMOLite as a garage door opener with the J5 jumper removed to make it a momentary switch. Do I need to put that jumper back now? I now have to double-tap the app button and it also doesn’t report the correct state of the reed switch sensor I installed. (This is the same condition for both this MIMOlite edge driver and the SmartThings generic garage door opener driver)

Hi, just recently migrated from Vera to Smartthings. The grass is greener here. I like the user interface and how the sensors sync with Amazon Alexa. Need help on configuration of the Fortrezz Mimo2+. Is there an edge driver for it already?

Hi - I am also in search of a Fortrezz Mimo2+ edge driver.

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MimoLite was recognized but does not show voltage or contact closure states. Does anyone know how to get this working?

@SlevinKelevra & @philh30
A few folks have posted here that the contact closure does not report with this FortrezZ Mimolite driver. I can confirm this as well that the contact closure always remains in the Closed state no matter the actual state. Any update on adding the ability to receive contact closure states?

I can confirm that the contact closure and voltage sensor do not respond.

Try going into device settings and putting a 1 in the settings for Association Groups 1, 2, 3 and 4. The hub should’ve been added to those automatically but if it wasn’t then that should trigger it. Those association groups are supposed to control which reports the device sends to the hub.

After doing that there is no change. Interestingly, the “1’s” are not reflected in the web GUI:

They are in the iOS SmartThings app. Strange!

@philh30, I thought I’d wait a while to allow the settings to sink in, but I too, added a 1 to each of the settings fields 1-4 and about 20 hours later, they are still reflected in the app when I check, but not the new advanced web display under preferences for this device as @digitaltvguy noted. In any case, only the switch works for me. I am still not receiving open/close updates on the contact sensor. I noticed a couple changes that occurred to it in the last 20 hours since making the change, but they seem to be random and are inaccurate. That said, things have been a bit strange for me in SmartThings for the last 48 hours with devices taking a very long time to execute anything, so there may be something else going on with them after the release of the new advanced web.

Sorry for the delay, was off the grid. Yes, for me it looks like on Thursday around 15:36 US CT voltage info was no longer being sent to the hub. Only getting power source info. I did the same as the others in adding the “1” to association groups 1-4 with no change.

Anybody have any luck getting voltage updates?

@SlevinKelevra, I actually don’t have any MimoLites that I collect voltage updates from, but I did just check one and I am also not receiving these either. The only thing I can do, currently, is turn the switch on and off. I did find that if I apply a generic garage door opener driver to it, it does accept it and will collect sensor state. This helped me bring back up the MimoLites that I use only as contact closures. It does not work at the same time as the switch though, because opening and closing the garage door is connected to the status of the contact, so it throws that off. I have a few of these I use as both a switch and contact closer, and I currently have no way to use both from the same device at the moment. Hoping @philh30 can help us out. :slight_smile:

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