Fortrezz Mimo2+ no longer supported for Smartthings

The Forttrezz Mimo2+ is no longer supported for Smartthings. Now I am looking for a replacement. Below is the email I received.

"Thank you for contacting Vera Smarter Home control.

We are aware Samsung has updated their platform and chose not to include our brand. There is nothing that can be done at the moment to make these devices work with Smartthings. Our Fortrezz devices have complete compatibility with the Vera controllers in case you were looking for an alternative.

Let us know what other questions you may have."

That’s too bad. :disappointed_relieved:

What specifically do you need a replacement to do? The Mimo2 has a lot of different features.

More like Fortrezz has chosen not to take the time to build updated, compliant DTHs

The current implementation is using a smartapp to go between the two devices, they need to rebuild it as a parent/child as @johnconstantelo mentions in this thread. COMPLETELY do-able.

I did not know FortrezZ is a brand of Vera Smarter Home Control. Is that really true? Now it makes more sense they dont give a crap about keeping up with SmartThings integration.

For someone who knows how to write this type of code it cant be too difficult. I am not a software guy, just a crazy tinkerer in this Smart World that has gotten me fairly far but every so often gets me in trouble.

@nathancu - I’ll ask you the same question I have asked other people who post all the time in this Community but dont like to even try to answer this question - Is there anyone who I can pay who would have any interest in writing a new DTH for the MIMO2+ that will work in the new app?

Ask the devs who have paid apps. They might but, most people in the community that write handlers either write device handlers out of a specific need/problem to solve or theyre tinkerers and like the challenge.

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Ill check with the @RBoy’s of the world. Thx for getting back to me .

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Both companies, as well as Centralite, were bought by a fourth company, Ezlo, in the last year. So now they are all part of the same company.


Will this also include mimolite? I use it for my garage door opener. I don’t think it works in new app but I know it works great in classic app.

Hubitat has built-in support.

@jimci1234, @edden

I have just sent Rboy a private message. He is a Developer in this Community who writes Apps and Device Type Handlers for particular devices and end uses. His Apps and DTH’s are very reasonably prices . $39.99 for a lifetime license. Well worth it with what he has. Even more so if he can write a DTH for the FortrezZ MIMO2+ and MIMOLite.

If he sees enough demand he said he will look into it. I recommend you message him and let him know you would be interested. And pass on the message to whomever else needs these devices to work in the new App.

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Prior to losing support my code worked perfectly as a drive gate controller.

In order to hold open the gate the A side relay would be switched on to give a hold open command (latching relay). The sig1 would report the status of the gate as “opened” when the contact on the gate open side was activated (gave current) and sig2 would report “opening” when the gate close side was deactivated (gave no current) . This A side still works but the sig2 from the b side does not.

In order to close the gate the A side would be switched off but the gate closing sequence will not start until an open command is given to the gate. This is were the b side would be used to give a momentary open command (not latching relay) to activate the gate closing timer. The sig1 will report the status “closing” when the contact from the gate open side was deactivated (no current) and sig 2 would report the status as “closed” when the contact from the gate close side was activated (gave current).

Now that the b side relay and sig2 does not work I have resorted to a less elegant temporary fix of just using the a side as a latching relay to active the open command and sig1 on one relay to indicate open and close. This is less desired because I do not know if the gate is fully open or fully closed and I think it is harder on the gate operator to have the open command constantly held on.

Can you try the mimolite in the new app and let us know?

I cannot get it to trigger in the new app. It works fine in the classic app.

I am interested in device handlers for the MIMO2+ and MIMOLite that will work with the new app.

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I reached out as well and got this response:

Thanks for reaching out. If enough folks ask us for it we can work on it. Right now we’re busy with updating our current set of 60+ DTH’s. Once we’re done with that we can look into this also.

I have looked into building a new controller for the Mimo 2+ but it looks like I would need to setup a AWS to do it. Is that correct or am I misunderstanding the new architecture?

It’s a zwave device, so currently you would not need to do your own hosting. For now you can write a device type handler which runs in the smartthings groovy cloud. That option will be going away eventually, but for now it is still supported.

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Here is a link to the existing DTH code which is no longer supported:

Thank you but I was using a modified version of that code prior to the changes made by Smartthings. Unfortunately it no longer works.

Did you have any success with asking someone to help you with the DTH for the MIMOlite. I also have a need for an updated DTH.