Formatting text in a valuetile or standardtile


I want to display a huge amount of data in a valuetile on my device type. But the text gets centered and the font is very small.
How can I adjust it so that the text is not centered ?
is it possible to adjust font size ?

I don’t think you can modify the font but you can make your value tile larger.

interestingly , if I make it larger (increase height) the font gets smaller.
is there any other way of showing data on the device view ?
a popup ? or new window ?

None that I know of. Although I don’t understand how making it larger would make the font smaller…should be the opposite. Did you try increasing width to whatever the full width is (6?)

Couple things you can experiment with. There could be a difference between using a standardTile and a valueTile so try the opposite. Also you can use “\n” for line breaks if that helps.

when I increase width to 6 the tile shape changes. its background is different then.
and the info text becomes white. but is not using larger font.

I also tried with a standardtile and still the font is very small. see below…