Ford Remote Access NOT FORDPASS

@Jeff_H You might want to check out it has device specific settings to prevent battery saving methods from messing with apps.

@Jeff_H I came across a workaround that might help. I factory reset my wife’s phone and was able to replicate the issue you are having. I followed the instructions here: It’s keeping the phone unlocked while connected to my home wifi and locks it when I leave but you could set any conditions you wanted. Since you’re at home and want the truck to start in the morning I figured this might be a working solution for you. I’m going to put it on my other phone also. I hate having to unlock it when I’m at the house. It does require another Tasker plugin though AutoTools.

Thank you Lewis. I took it off my phone for now and haven’t had time to work with it. I have my old phone which still can be used with wifi, I may try to set it up on that and just leave that plugged in for the purpose of just running Tasker.

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