Force Smart Outlet To Stay off

I purchased the GE Smart Outlet to plug my outdoor Bluetooth Speakers to my vacation home and I have everything hooked up great and a timer to set to turn them off at a set time to not bother the neighbors. But they can simply just ask Alexa to turn it back on. How can I avoid them from just turning it back on?

I’d use webCore to trigger a turn-off if the outlet is turned on after a specific time.

Since this is a vacation home, I need to make this simple for my renters, therefore the current set up is simple. They ask Alexa, “Turn on the outdoor speakers” They are able to connect their phones but when I have my scheduled time to turn off the speakers they can simply walk back inside and ask Alexa to turn it back on and it works.

Are you replying to my suggestion? :thinking:

Remove the outlet from Alexa and create a virtual switch instead. Then you can turn on the switch with a time restriction. If it’s not within the time you want, they can say all they want to Alexa to turn on. In fact, you can create a routine in Alexa to respond to them, “sorry I cannot do that right now, it will bother the neighbors. Please try again at more appropriate time”.


If the speaker plug is inside and not readily accessible by your renters, you could plug the smart outlet into a dumb mechanical timer…

I think Bry has given you an answer that will work. Here’s a simple example

the BT is plugged into the smart outlet called Music

the user says “alexa, turn on music” after 10PM

a webcore piston is watching the Music switch, and when if it turns on after 10PM, it turns Music off.

So the user can try to turn it on again, but it will flip off right after.

Yea that’s sounds like the easiest way. I’m fairly new to ST, where do I set up the webcore piston?

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