Force removed device - cannot restore functionality - tze93

I have used the option to force the removal for a tze93 thermostat because it was not connecting to the hub.

My problem is that I cannot reset the thermostat to factory defaults and I always see that the thermostat gets connected to zwave network controlled via smartthings Hub v3.

My question related to smartthings: Do I have something like “recycle bin” for restoring the device from recycle bin?

Does anybody know if I can remove that tze93 from the zwave network? Something like a factory default reset.


it sounds like you need to excude it from smarthings since you force removed it. then once it is excluded you can include it once again.

there is no ‘backup’ to revert devices.

How can I exclude it if I cannot see it in my smartthings?


in the new smartthings app tap the smartthings hub icon > 3 vertical dots in upper right corner > zwave utilities > zwave exclusion > zwave exclusion page opens

Thanks, this is what I was looking for :slight_smile:

So, it worked exactly as you described.
I was able to re-add the device after I used repair zwave network for a couple of minutes, then setting up the hub in exclusion.

Thanks again