Force refresh LIFX device names?

Integrated LIFX lights into SmartThings successfully, but since have changed the names of some LIFX lights. Those names haven’t changed within SmartThings, and it’s been days. I thought of disconnecting LIFX and reconnecting, but it gives me an error saying I have to go into every automation, scene, routine, etc. and manually remove all LIFX lights before I disconnect. This seems terribly obsolete if I want to simply change the name of a light down the road - to have to disassemble and rebuild all of my automations.

Any ideas?

If they are like hue when it comes to renaming them - you will manually need to edit the names in the ST app. That is way easier then removing the bulbs.

Thanks - This is definitely less easy than a refresh button, but as you mention a lot easier than uninstalling everything. Thanks.