"Force"/persuade a Z-wave device to use a repeater

I’ve read the "guide to wireless range repeaters, and they don’t address how to “persuade” or force a Z-wave device to use a repeater. Anybody know how to do this?

Secondly, how do I confirm that this has happened?

You can’t. The whole point of mesh networks is that a human is not pre-determining the routes. The system is determining its own routes each time.

As long as the repeater is a neighbor to the end device, it should be used when needed.

The one thing that you do need to do is to run A zwave repair (that’s a utility that you can run from the mobile app or from the IDE) after you have all the devices in their final locations. If you add a new zwave device to your network to act as a repeater, you need to run A zwave repair after it is in its final location so that the existing devices will update their own partial address tables and recognize it as their neighbor.

Unfortunately, SmartThings as yet does not give us network map utilities, so you can’t see which devices are routing through which neighbors.

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