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Force Change status of mobile presence sensor?

(Jack R) #21

It’s an issue with your phone not knowing you are back or that you left. My suggestion is to restart phone. If it continues , use IFTTT to trigger your presence rather than the smartthings.

(Ryan Worrell) #22

This is awesome. Thanks for this!

(Michael) #23

Very cool, thanks for the DH. This should have been built into the official DT since it’s so unreliable. Ty

(John) #24

This DH works great. I have on child with a cell phone that does not have Cell service on it. He only uses the phone on Wi Fi. If you takes his phone to his dads and finally connects to his wi fi, most of the time is will then say he is not at my house. But lately this has NOT been working. His bedroom is in the lower level of our house. I have a Thermostat for the level. The Thermostat is control by his Presence. If he is home, the Thermostat will raise Temp. If not home, Thermostat will decrease. This of course will only work if his Presence Sensor is working. He left for the weekend and Smartthings says he is still at home. Now with this DH, I can force his departure. LOVE IT… Thanks so much.

(W Klink) #25

Can IFTTT trigger a presence? I added a simulated presence device and authorized it in IFTTT. I can see it as a trigger (“this”), but I don’t see an option to change the presence in “that.”


I’m trying to figure out a way to force the status change automatically, rather than having to manually press the arrive/depart tiles. Is there a way to do that?

I have found that Stringify is more reliable than Smartthings with my presence. I’d like to expose some sort of switch to Stringify that causes Smartthings to “press” the arrive/depart tile automatically when Stringify detects whether i have arrived or departed.


Figured out how to change the status automatically. Just add “Switch” capability to the device type handler and define on() and off() methods that call arrived() and departed() respectively. Then you can define rules that treat the forced presence sensor as a simple switch. You can specify those rules in IFTTT or Stringfiy for example.

(Dave) #29

Hi, i know this is a bit of an old thread to bump, I have the forceable depart/arrive device handler installed on my smartthings for my phone, however i don’t want to use it anymore. I am having trouble deleting it all though!

I go on my smartthings developer home page but no matter if i try and delete the phone, or the device handler, I just get error messages saying it cannot be deleted!

Is there a special way to delete this?!


(Jack R) #30

Sometimes you have to call Smartthings support and they can remove it from their end.

(Dave) #31

i did email, but they said their unable to to do it from their end an told me to log into my account and just delete it, which I had tried obviously!!

I’m not really feeling calling smartthing USA, will cost me a small fortune!


Try logging into the IDE using incognito and try and delete the DTH again.