For Sale: ThingShield for SmartThings (Arduino)

So the Zigbee SoC that they use has custom code loaded onto it… without that you’ll have a dead board. I looked into reverse engineering it before and building a version with the current SoC but after realizing I needed that source code, I gave up :frowning:

Im looking to buy one. Let me know if you have any left.

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I’m selling two ThingShields. $50 apiece, including shipping to the lower 48 states.

Shields are used but fully functional. I’ve migrated away from SmartThings and have no use for them.

PM me if interested, I’ll accept PayPal.

Incidentally, I’m also selling my SmartThings zigbee devices. Two first gen motion sensors, two first gen SmartSense multis, one first gen smart power outlet and two second generation, and a Sengled Element LED light bulb. At some point I’m also going to get rid of my presence sensors (2 1st gen and 2 2nd gen) and two ST hubs (V1 and V2). PM me about any of these devices as well.


Have you sold the Arduino Thing Shields as yet?

I will purchase both if not sold as yet. I will pay you $60.00 each and pay shipping as well. my email is

Looking for at least 2 originla Arduino ThingShields

Thank you


Sorry, I already sold both of mine. Good luck!

BTW, before I switched from SmartThings I was having some luck developing around the Particle Photon. It’s a small, inexpensive WiFi micro controller that uses an Arduino-like programming language. If you can’t source the ThingShields you need, it could be an alternative. Otherwise, if you don’t need wireless, you can also try using an Ethernet Shield and connecting your Arduino via MQTT.

Both of these approaches also have the advantage of being portable to other HA platforms should you decide to part ways with SmartThings.

What are the prices for your 2nd gen devices including shipping cost?

Which platform are you using instead of Smartthings ?

Which devices work with it? Does it work locally or also cloud based?

I was thinking $20 apiece plus $5 for shipping. They are like new. 1st gen smart power for $15.

I use openHAB. It runs locally on your own hardware and can run on Windows, Mac, or Linux (including Raspberry Pi, my choice). It’s far more customizable, though it takes a lot more work and time to set up. It does have a cloud connection, but this connection is only used to control your devices remotely and to interface with IFTTT. All processing is local, resulting in very responsive controls (usually less than a second).

It is completely open source, and users have contributed many bindings to connect to devices and services. I have mine connected to Nest, Plum, Particle photons, Phillips hue, z-wave Lights and sensors, network devices for presence, HomeKit for iOS and tvOS control, and Arduinos via MQTT. It also supports ecobee, homematic, Logitech harmony, xiaomi, knx, insteon, and many others. You can even connect it to SmartThings via MQTT, though this is of limited use.

I’m happy I changed, but for anyone reading this I would emphasize that it’s a steeper learning curve than SmartThings. There is an excellent community and growing documentation to help you get started, however.

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Hi DOME, Thnak you for your reply


I’m selling a shield for $35+shipping. Let me know if you’re interested.

Hey nerdmr, do you still have that ThingShield for sale?

Ping me for the next shield for sale please.

I have a ThingShield I’m not using if anybody still need one.

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Hi Doreng,

I would like to purchase this from you

My Email is

Please send me a personal email, and we can work out the details



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Already sold the shield

Hi Dome. Do you still have the 1st Gen smart thing motion sensor available for sale? Thx


Sorry, I have lent them to a friend and don’t plan on getting them back.

Still looking for an additional smartthings Thingshield, please PM me if you have one to sell.

Rather than trying to revive a 2 year old thread, you’re probably better off starting a new one.

Pinging this thread… I’ve had some success with a possible thingshield replacement…

Let me know what you think…