For Sale on EBay – ST HM + Extras

For sale on eBay I have a SmartThings Home Monitoring system (V2 hub, 2 multipurpose sensor2, motion sensor, outlet):

All items are for USA and gently used.


Btw, the links in your Details column are foobar’ed


EBay messes those up somehow going through some sort of proxy.

If you select the link, right-click, many browsers will offer the option to “go to the link”.

Another way is to just copy and paste the link into your browser.

I must’ve spent half an hour trying to figure out the proper way to include links, but no joy.

That deal is priceless though… I’d pay anything for a kit where “everything works perfectly”.

Priceless! Place your bid :slightly_smiling:

Actually, the hardware worked flawlessly – absolutely no problems there.

It seemed any problems I had could be traced to their cloud interface.Probably for most applications the sporadic unreliability and delays could be tolerated.