For Sale: GE Zwave Switches, Dimmer, Fan Control

I did a little “summer” cleaning in my Home Automation cabinet over the weekend and have a bunch of things to sell if anyone is interested. All are used but still in great working condition. Selling because have gotten more and more into Lutron Caseta switches and Picos.

I will update this post as things are sold. Please PM/DM me if you are interested. I much prefer to sell in bulk versus individual items. Prices are below plus shipping cost to your address. I can quote you on shipping based on quantity of items that you want. I accept PayPal, Zelle, or Vinmo.

  • GE Relay Switch (non-Zwave Plus) Model ZW4005 - Quantity 11, $12 each
    • I no longer have packaging or instructions, but instructions can be found online
    • I will include a short white pigtail wire per switch as I have tons that I never used
  • GE Dimmer Switch (non-Zwave Plus) Model ZW3005 - Quantity 1, $12
    • This dimmer does require neutral
    • I will include a short white pigtail wire for neutral
  • GE Fan Speed Control (non-Zwave Plus) Model ZW4002 - Quantity 1, $12
    • I will include a short white pigtail wire for neutral

Edit: Pictures included:


Fan Controller

PM sent, thanks.

11 switches, 1 dimmer, and 1 fan control still available.

I would love to purchase whatever is remaining, so much so that I created an account! Unfortunately, I can’t send PM yet. Please PM me if anything’s left, @ritchierich.

I bought from @ritchierich. He shipped fast. Packaged well. Painless transaction. Thanks.

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