[For Sale] Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Gen, Black

Selling my Echo Dot, 2nd Gen. Bought on pre-release and used since October. We didn’t like it and moved onto Google Home’s. With the recent addition of another GH, looking to sell off the echo. I may not have the box, still looking.

$40 shipped, cont. USA. PM me.


Make sure you remove the device from your account first before you send it back, otherwise it will be useless to new owner. Simply resetting the device does not do that.


Yep yep. It’s already been removed from my Amazon account, data reset, info removed.

Is it sold?

Not to hijack, but I’m curious why you moved to Google Home and how you’re liking that. I have a dot in a box that just got delivered but I’ve been agonizing over which way to go (Amazon v Google)

Sorry all was redoing my office all weekend, so just sat down now.

@Bruce_R Yes it is sold. Threw it on fleabay.

@doncaruana I originally went with the Echo dot when they released the version 2. Pre-ordered two of them. Then Google announced the Home, so I pre-ordered one and cancelled my order of 2 dots and just got one. I had the Dot for a month before the Home arrived.

My main objective isn’t really shopping, which Amazon is really good for. My main objective was just to add voice control for lights and other home HA stuff. So with that said, The Dot seemed to struggle (for us) with simple things such as turning on lights. We were impressed with answers to typical questions, I assumed this was because the Dot searched Bing and not Google. The dot struggled with questions such as location based questions. I wasn’t really impressed with any of the skills that the Dot had, especially since it seemed I needed to create separate accounts to use them. I also wasn’t impressed with having to use todoist or Any.do and having to create a separate account with those services.

With the Google Home, it’s never struggled to turn on lights in the house. Even our entertainment center and switch it to the correct HDMI port (also have a Chromecast). We seem to be more tied into Google anyways. Once I cleaned up my calendars, I was able to start having the correct calendar read to me. Can add calendar events via IFTTT, although I don’t use IFTTT. I like Google Keep for to-do and grocery lists. Plus since the Home is backed by Google. Answers to our questions are rarely met with “Sorry, I can’t do that yet.” As was with the Dot. I also liked the speakers better, those I realize that comparison is like apples to oranges. The Dot’s speakers seemed tinny. I use the Google Home to listen to quite a few music podcasts throughout the day.

All in all it seemed the GH a better fit for the family.

I find that my GH is much faster at completing HA task than AE is. I also find that GH is better at hearing commands in noisy settings. AE goes deaf when it’s playing music or if there is music coming from other speakers.

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