(for hire) Need someone to write me 3 smart apps

  1. simple cool mist system recycle timer, need to be able to set the switch to come on for minimum of 30+ seconds and then shutoff for a programmable amount of seconds also 30+ and then repeat this function untill you tell the device to turn off. I just need a nice screen that prompts you for on time and off time my typical customers cannot hack the code.

  2.   Insect control system g.u.i. for a Z-Wave Virtual Momentary Contact Switch  setup right now you have to go in and edit the momentary relay profile and I have to change the miliseconds to get a 30 second momentary on time I need that to be nice and pretty so someone can simply enter the amount of seconds they want a switch to turn on for and then anytime that is pressed in anything it will only run for that amount of seconds. I would think this has all kinds of applications for someone that just briefly needs the device to run and wants to ensure that it never stays running. 
  3.   Third is the most involved fortrezz right now is about to send me a sample of their water meter flow control board to work with our much more precise flow meter that will need to work in conjunction with the mosquito system device and basically the above device will be on demand when you need an extra spray and also will have automatic routines every day at dawn and dusk however if the flow meter has too much flow there will need to be a gui that asks how many nozzles are in the system then it will multiply that by 42ml per 60 seconds then divided into how long the mist  went off for and if it’s over that estimated value by 175% aka there is a leak then it should error out and send the user a message
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You might get a better response if you used the word “please”?? Unless your offering to pay someone for their time?

most definitely i’m expecting to pay for this you guys are awesome if you do this stuff for free! there i added (for hire) don’t want to sound rude! :slight_smile:


@Bill_Herb - Tell me about this automated Mosquito killer idea. I need a solution.

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Hi Bill… I emailed you back with notes this afternoon…

Www.mosquitoesandmore.com you can click store and then there on the left side is a mosquito misting system builder option. Call with questions. Bring your own fight back against zika!

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Can’t find a store link.

Does this stuff kill fungus gnats?

Insecticides don’t discriminate and kill one bug and not another some can be geared more towards the biology of one or the way that it kills. So you have a problem with fungus gnats outdoors? Www.mistandmore.com/store

YES! I have 2.5 acres. Spend more that 3 minutes in the grass and they are all over you. I’m not talking 5 or 6. I mean there are 50-100 around your head.