For dimmer Switch in EdgeDriver

For the device “Evalogik Dimmer Switch”(with fingerprint mfr = 0x0312, prod = 0xC000, model = 0xC002).our user report a bug:
When I drag the scroll bar to adjust the light, the information of the loose position cannot be updated frequently.
The fingerprint is already added in the SmartThingsEdgeDrivers.
To trace the bug, I also add the fingerprint in the file.
And I find that the right value is reporetd by “switchLevel” and the error value is reported by “BASIC”.
For the error happen while I release the drag, I find that the zwave handler “SwitchMultilevel.STOP_LEVEL_CHANGE” had never been called(I add log in it).
This is also the case before I added fingerprint to “eaton accessory dimmer”.
How could I do for this? Is there anynoe can help me? Thanks!

Hi, @chenjun

For cases like this is highly important that you provide the driver logs to understand what are you referring to, also as you mentioned you changed the configuration of the stock driver for your tests, you should share how it looks now.
I don’t understand what you mean by "the information of the loose position cannot be updated frequently, " so a screenshot or recording of the behavior is also needed.

Because the video attachments can’t be added here, I reported to you by email - in fact, I also reported two weeks ago, but I didn’t get a response.

In the file[SmartThingsEdgeDrivers/init.lua at main · SmartThingsCommunity/SmartThingsEdgeDrivers · GitHub]
I added a line of code in line 87 :
device:send(Basic:Set({value = level}))
I’m not sure whether this modification is correct, but after testing and verification, it seems that the problem disappeared.

Did you send an email to We didn’t receive it, if you see more than 2 days have passed without us replying that we’re reviewing the case, then please send us a DM, I don’t know why the previous one doesn’t appear but we got the new one and we’ll continue the support there.

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Oh, I first send to——it was provided by @andresg

When I realized that email might not be noticed, I sent it to

ok, that email is only for questions about certification, he provided it when you asked for the status of one of your submissions.

They don’t handle issues on existing integrations, so, please use for that kind of question.