Fog machine timer

Picked up a 100pw fog machine with just a momentary switch to turn the fog on and off. I have a spare Sonoff switch thst is flashed with firmware to work with smartthings so I was thinking of wiring it up to work with the fog machine. But I need a timer app that will turn it on for so many seconds and then off for so many.

Just use CoRe?

CoRE is great but are you aware of webCoRE?
More powerful and can be configured using your mobile, tablet or PC.
Personally if you don’t have CoRE go straight to webCoRE.

the problem you may have is the fogger needs to stay on to stay hot. They usually have remotes that control them but turning it off and on won’t likely produce fog when you want unless you don’t care if it takes a while to shoot - not sure how you will time that properly

The plan was to use the switch I side the remote control, looking at the wiring of one it looks possible. Just need to figure out how to make it cycle on and off and set duration. If it works then I might just setup a spare motion sensor to trigger the cycle of fog.