FM Radio and ST

I’d like to be able to turn on a radio and have it play just to create some noise in the house when I am not home. Does anyone know if there’s a radio that is controllable from ST? I know I could use a smart outlet, but old analog radios are not often reliable to stay tuned to a station and new digital tuners don’t like to be poweroff and on. Thanks in advance.
PS: I know that Sonos works, but that’s an expensive solution to this particular problem

Dogs barking was a super hit exactly one year back;)

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This is probably your best and easiest option. Old school is sometimes best!

Or you could use ObyThing and have it start a playlist when you get home.

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Or an Echo, you can start playlist, Iheartradio, Pandora etc from the phone app.

Just for notifications it doesn’t make sense to get a Sonos. But the sound quality on Sonos play 1’s are awesome. I have a 70’s style wood paneled family room and when playing any music, it rocks. Nowhere near the Bose though. If next version of Echo’s gets anywhere close to that… Well! We will be deeply madly in luv with Alexa. As such we love it!

That’s where the new Google Chromecast audio comes in. $35 each and you use your own speakers.
Picked up 1 to try, if they do upgrade the firmware so you can address and sync them throughout the house, I know where all my old speakers are going.
I don’t see any " official" ST integration given the animosity between Google Play and Amazon Prime.

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