Flush mount switch solutions (looks like a ”normal” switch) (EU)?

Been trying hade to solve it but with no success yet (European mounting) Goal to use as a scene switch (home/away) in the entrance that works with ST.

I tried the Fibaro double relay behind existing switch
-takes about 0,5 s to get the relay click. If the press is fast, there is no effect since the relay did not react which is annoying.

(The STs button reacts immidiately)

Any suggestions and experiences? Any switch products with z-wave or zigbee included for European mounting?

First, three questions:

One) do you have a neutral at the switchbox? If so, you have more choices.

Two) could you use a battery operated switch on the wall there or are you also trying to control a light on that same circuit branch?

Three) The Fibaro is one of the largest in wall micros. Have you measured to see if either the Aeotec nano or the Qubino ZMNHAD3 would fit? Both are thinner than the Fibaro.


  1. yes, neutral is available

  2. Today it is 2 switches in the frame (two drilled holes
    In the wall) I could free one of them for the scene switch I want to make (if I make a 2-multiple switch in the other “hole”).

I could also change the entire frame to another brand if I found one with the built in smartness I am looking for)

To your queation: battery only if it looks like a switch with 5+ years battery.m, but since the friends of hue switches do not work with ST, I think the options are limited

  1. Have not tried them for this purpose. Do they react faster in the “relay click switch”?