FLIR FX camera

Looks neat:


Very cool. Machine vision ftw!

Just recently got a Dropcam, and while it’s good, it looks like the Flir FX may be a better choice. Based on what I can glean from Flir’s website, it looks like it has some very useful advantages over Dropcam:

  • Built-in battery backup
  • SD card for local recording in case of network connectivity loss
  • Free cloud recording plan that can store up to 2 days of motion recordings
  • An external, weatherproof mounting solution.
  • 160 degree field-of-vision

I sincerely hope Flir FX gets Smartthings integration very soon, as Flir seem to address many of Dropcam’s shortcomings. For those interested, Flir’s website is here:

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Flir seems to be doing way more than video though. Seems like playback is the key feature which I might be wrong, but I think ST only does live now with “DVR” coming down the pipe. And I think that’s recording video onto their own servers, not flir’s machine eye live stitching which plays back from it’s own memory I think…

A lot of unknowns, would be nice but further fetched than a simple dropcam or foscam.

I WANT THIS!! :smile: looks awesome!

Has there been any development here??? I’d like to look into some of these cameras!

I am looking at one of these since a friend has one and it works really well. I really would like to bring it into smarthings if possible. Has anyone done this yet?