Flight Tracker

Searched and didn’t see anything but anyway to add flight tracking to ST which can then be added to Actiontiles and Sharpthings/Tasker?

I don’t know if any flight tracking sites offer RSS feeds, but if they do you could add the RSS feed with the tool here:

He created several utilities (Weather Forecast, Monthly Calendar, RSS/News) to show text information as an image which can be loaded into an ActionTiles media tile. The jggdev site seems to be down right now though, it was working yesterday.


The “JGG” Media Tile Generator will be up soon, we hope.

We are tracking the issue in our ActionTiles Forum at:

Once everything is working again… maybe we’ll figure out a way to deliver simple Flight Tracking with Community assistance. There are, however, lots of great Android Apps for flight alerts…

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Thanks. Really trying to have one point of entry for my automation needs

Is Flight Tracking “home automation” or “smart home”?

I don’t ask facetiously…

It’s just that a lot of folks are, as they have for decades desired the concept of a “portal” (aka “dashboard”).

This originally a concept for corporate executives to have a single page & drill down view of the all the strategic data about their business.

Now consumers want a single place to view everything about their lives, families, and homes.

And dozens of companies are trying to do this… But just using Widgets on the Android Home Screen is, in many ways, the most complete way to fulfill this need at the moment — I think! :thinking:

Actually, I can see this as an automation item lol.

Rule (hypothetical): when JetBlue flight 442 is 15 minutes out of O’hare, flash the lights in all rooms three times.
Because that is the flight Dad takes on a weekly basis, and I need to go pick him up. And I’m 45 minutes from the airport, so this gives adequate lead time for him to get his luggage and meet me at the arrival pick-up point.

EDIT: to follow up on the ‘portal’ concept:

Yes, executives (and others) use a portal to integrate elements of, and view status of, disparate components of an enterprise.

But the folks who design and maintain your accounting system don’t use that portal to build new rules, to add new cost centers. And the folks in your inventory system don’t use that portal to add new products, to add new suppliers.

All those things are done by specialists, slugging it out on the back end of each of the disparate systems.

It is almost unfair to hold the SmartThings ecosystem to standards that require a slew of multimillion-dollar systems to attain in a business environment. Not almost… blatantly unfair.

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Have you used Google Analytics? Or Google webmaster tools. That’s a good example of the ideal. One area to access all your content and make educated decisions on that. Social Media has hootsuite or sprout social or hubspot etc. HA is another tool that I am looking to consolidate as best we can. This forum makes a lot of that possible.

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Not sure but this might help you out.

Give it a try & let me know if still there’s any issue.