Flickering MR10 LED issue solved!

After replacing my 12V MR16 lights in my kitchen with 120v MR10 LEDs I had the infamous flickering when off issue. I have 4 lights on the GE Smart Dimmer- 2 wire type - 2 large 120 Watt equivalent ( 14w)floods over my island, and 2 MR10 50 watt equivalents(7.5w) aimed at my cook top. I opted to loose the low voltage to make my setup cleaner and easier to manage, all 4 lights are wired together. I tried several different brands of bulbs, all had the flicker issue when off - however the two large floods did not have an issue and never have, they’ve been in place for some months. Originally I had the island lights on one controller and the stove top lights on another.

I read about creating an RC circuit with a capacitor, add on devices to block the flicker and replacing the smart dimmer with another style. None of these ideas appealed to me. I decided to add one simple C7 5w christmas light across one of the MR10s - voila! no more flicker! IT does flicker, but I tucked it up into one of the MR10’s cans, easy to change if ever needed, but unnoticeable. The point of going to LEDs was to save energy so I did not want to add a large bulb in the circuit, and extra few watts from the C7 will not negate the gain by switching out the original bulbs.

Just thought I’d share what I found, hope it helps someone.