Flextronics to purchase Wink

I use the Amazon echo with the wink hub and commands take under a second to run. Very pleased so far with that platform. The only time I ever open the app now is connecting a new device or setting up an event of some kind. Everything else is done with Alexa.

Now if they would open up the root user and password and embrace the home tinkering person they could be a viable competitor.

But they wont, just like how ST will never release info for users to gain control over their hub and do their own processing locally.


Definitely. This would be outside ST’s business model.

Does Wink now have local control too?

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I guess someone just spilled the beans on the latest Beta hub update.

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Define ‘more user friendly’… Yes there are some aspects of Wink that are more user friendly, some might say a lot, but there are other aspects of it that are darn right unuser friendly.

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Fair enough, I appreciate the rumor. :wink: We shall continue to watch the news…

Some people apparently don’t understand the concept of NDA. Hope they have a good lawyer.


I remeber someone who was struggling with that a couple of months ago…

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Now that there’s that “rumor” of local control coming, it would be nice if Wink stays afloat. Competition is always a good thing for consumers.


Indeed, still couldn’t get me to go back to Wink if you paid me, even throwing in Local Control :smile:

Wink can if you break the wink hub security get access to the linux inside and set up a linux HA system.

Wink used to be trivially easy to gain access to, now you have to do it by cracking it open and shorting a chip out during boot.

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Oh man, the people in the Wink User Group on Facebook spill stuff out all the time because they want to brag and for people to know they are in the beta program, getting free stuff sent to them all the time.

Still feeling the same?

Ouch on the smartthings so rating call out!

Oh well…Painful reality for ST…900 people think that Wink is worth 3.5 stars and 600 people think that ST is worth 2 stars

So you think wink is going away?

The article is not so clear. Wink thinks they are to dog, but reality seems a little different.

Flex bought wink just to recoup as much of the kids as they could. I don’t see flex staying ibn that market. Even the wink guy seemed a bit hesitant about flex.

My opinion, wink is drowning and they stool think they are on the float.

Smith has the right attitude and the right idea, and Flex is led by a consumer oriented guy, so if Flex sees benefit in tapping into the consumer market and Wink proves it can make money, then I don’t see why their marriage won’t last. Plus I think Wink eventually can stand on their own feet if they can keep 1.3 mil hub owners happy and continue to add new owners at the same rate they have been adding recently.

Yeah, the combo could work, but it’s not an ideal partnership in such a volatile and changing market niche.

Plus, 1.2 million… Kind of reminds me of something I heard… Oh yeah…

… 20,000 developers!

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True, they could count every network id and not unique entries like MACs. But still speaks volumes anywsy you put it and 20,000 coming online every week is equally significant.