Flash Lightify bulb if Nest smoke via IFTTT

I’ve integrated IFTTT with Nest and SmartThings, which shows interfacing of my Lightify bulbs.

Is there a way to flash the Lightify bulbs though via IFTTT, currently I can only see to switch on or off.

This could be handy for nest smoke alarm, SHM alarm, amongst other things.


How about this:

  • Firstly, create a momentary switch in ST.

  • Then, use IFTTT to turn on the momentary switch when the nest smoke alarm is triggered.

  • Then, using the CoRE Smartapp, create a piston that, when that momentary switch is triggered, flash your Lightify bulbs.

Another option would be to use the Nest Manager smartapp and create a CoRE piston which, when the nest smoke detector goes off, flashes the lights.