Flappy Bird

Really? I thought anyone could.

Hmmm, let’s ask:

@urman, you there? Can everyone (all users) use the IDE? Or is there a distinction between types of users?

Thanks in advance,
Us users

Twack, is this project going to grow any wings or is this a hard boiled egg? I think this has great potential and would be extremely useful.

Waiting on certain API functions to be exposed.

any updates?

API and doc updates still coming. No hard date yet. Open, open, eopn…



Do you think people would want/use it?

Is that a serious question? YES

@wackware any time frame for sharing this ?

Bump and a half*

A web app would be beyond awesome

@wackware the API was released. Any updates?:slight_smile: :feelsgood:

any plans on this being released?