Flappy Bird

I don’t know what Flappy Bird means but your Smartthings Web Status/Control Panel is awesome! Have you shown this to ST HQ?

@twack that was awesome. Can’t wait for it to get release. I like the song also. Will that work on windows phone 8 also?

@twack - very, very cool! I sure hope that is something us mere mortals will some day be able to use!

Nice job!

twack…amazing piece of development. Since this is running locally does it get the data from the ST cloud or is it stored locally? Can you send local commands from this console?

This is great, are you going to put the code out for it? A web based console for SmartThings is very nice to have. I was considering building a Windows app, but makes much more sense as a web app so it can be used on mobile devices.


Looks great! Is this really working or is it smoke and mirrors just to tease us?

It’s really working. No smoke and mirrors. I haven’t touched it 3 months. Do you think people would want/use it?


@twack, Yes!

One word answer, YES!

@twack If you have the code, I wouldn’t mind it testing it out for you.

@twack Absolutely! Looks great!

Wow, looks great

That is awesome. It would be great to use.

Agreed!!! Please share. I love it!

Wow. I would love to use it.

I agree, I have been trying to find something like this.

Absolutely! This looks a must for the system! Awesome!

Great job man. That is exactly what a web app should be. A place to see all the technical information that would clutter up the mobile app too much. This is far better than digging through the IDE.

Plus not everyone has access to the IDE.