Fixing "Things"

Hi All,

Been having a lot of fun setting up my house and getting some good automated rules set-up. I recently did a network overhaul and now have a few issues with a couple “things”. Was hoping to get feedback on the best way to fix them without having to remove them from the system (which is a pain when you have them connected to multiple smartapps).

GE Link Bulbs (zigbee)

  • These all seemed to break after my network changes. I can see them in the app like they work - can switch them off and on, dim, etc. But they do not respond at all. Tried switching them off and on manually like I have read in these forums to reset - but that doesn’t do anything either.

GE Dimmer Plug (zwave)

  • I can turn this off/on from the app, but the dimmer is set to zero and when I try to move it in the app, it kicks me back to the things dashboard. The light actually is at 50 or something for dimming (a prior setting) - but in the app it shows zero and has some funky behaviour.

Any feedback/ideas on how best to fix would be helpful!