Fix for Honeywell 9000 series issues

Just wanted to add a fix I found for issues where the heating set point on a Honeywell 9000 was failing.

My thermostat was setup with Heating only settings. It looks like Honeywell changed their API validation to not allow a cooling set point to be passed if its a Heat only t-stat.

The device handler was sending the cooling numbers no matter what and this appears to cause the setPoint() call to fail.

My recommendation is to use my quick workaround(enable cooling on your t-stat, even if you never use it) and everything will work as expected.

@slagle You are the only staff member I can think of that might see this and be able to pass along my findings to your engineering team, most likely a change to the Honeywell TCC api params. Or if you are willing to Open that handler I could probably fix it in short order.

Hope this helps someone out, and they get this fixed without deleting and re-adding the devices first like I did, d’oh!!

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It’s been almost a month now. Support says they’re still working on it. @slagle

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