Fitbit - When I wake up turn on switch


I wanted to run this past everyone for some help. Using IFTT I would like a switch to turn on when I wake up.

To add complexity to this, I want this to only occur when location is HOME in smartthings. Any ideas how i can have this run only when home?

I don’t see a Fitbit IFTTT trigger for that.

I don’t see it now either, there used to be something. Maybe renamed to ‘logged new sleep’. The problem is/was that the trigger didn’t fire right when you woke up. An hour or two later, say 8am for example, it would trigger and say you woke at 6am… not so useful (for us anyway). I haven’t tried it for a while though so maye they changed it. Let us know what you find :slight_smile:

More info: I found on fitbit forum a good reason why this will probably never work:

…your Charge 2 doesn’t even know that you are sleeping. After you wake up, and then after you sync, the Fitbit Server in the cloud does some fancy calculations to determine if and when you where asleep.

It does have an option for constant sync or something like that. No idea if it would help. It would probably be 100x easier to just put an Xiaomi button next to your bed.

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