Fitbit integration

Is there a way to use Fitbit to turn off a light when I go to sleep? I thought I had seen something about this somewhere but I can’t find anything now.

If you have IFTTT and connect it to your Fitbit account and your SmartThings, then you should be able to do this.

There’s a Fitbit trigger that triggers IFTTT if it detects new sleep. Just tie this trigger to a SmartThings routine that turns off the lights and it should be what you are looking for.


Thanks! It would be nice is ST had integration with Fitbit!

That just grabs the data after the fact- at least it does for me using one of their newest ones. AFAIK there is no way. In fact there is nothing on the Fitbit one can push or touch to start any communication other than an activity tie in to the attached phone.

Charge HR 2 here

This will trigger an hour or so after you wake up, not quite what you are looking for. I’d also like to see Fitbit integration, but if the current IFTTT triggers are all we could posibly get…might not be worth the trouble. Maybe the Fitbit API has more capabilities to trigger when they detect sleep but I kinda doubt it.

That is too bad! It would be handy.

I had a fitbit a few years ago and used to hold a button down to put it into sleep mode. If you can do this I would think IFTTT could then trigger something.

The newest ones do not - FWIW

Oh, that’s too bad. I don’t have a fitbit, so I didn’t realize this.

PCGirl, your best bet is probably to get a motion sensor that turns off lights if it doesn’t detect motion after a certain time of night. My personal solution is to have my lights turn off at 2:40 every morning regardless of motion or whatnot.

Yeah probably. Right now I have the light just set to go off at a certain time but sometimes I want it to be different.