Fitbit Integration?

Any plans to add Fitbit integration similar to how Jawbone UP was just done? It would be extremely useful, especially as a presence sensor as well!


Given the Fitbit’s short range (at least the earlier models) it might be limited as a presence sensor, although maybe the Bluetooth LE versions are more effective. I’d love to see some kind of Fitbit integration, though!

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I don’t think the Fitbit updates quickly enough to be useful as a presence device. It could possibly be used for other things, but there would be a delay as nothing can happen until Fitbit syncs.

True…I forgot it was horrible like that. :frowning: I bought the wrong fitness tracker lol

Either way, if the dongle is installed on a Desktop, it would be nifty to use it as a presence device…granted not the best range, but would be more convenient than carrying around yet another piece of tech (not to mention not as big as the smartsense presence lol)

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How would you know when you’re away?

As far as I understand, the BLE signal is still present nearly at all times (at least anytime I’ve used a BLE device to search for another device, my Fitbit Flex always comes up).

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I don’t believe it is reporting to Fitbit though. I haven’t looked at their API recently.

Well there is IFTTT integration right now. It’s not great, as mentioned above it’s only on sync. But you can do things like detect when you wake up and change modes (as long as you don’t want it to be timely). I would also avoid doing things that will wake you in response to this as I know I’ve accidentally pushed the button on the fitbit in my sleep. Turing on my bedside light then would be a disaster!

Might be interesting to use it as a localized presence sensor though. e.g. put the dongle on your office computer and use the sync as a keep alive signal. So, each time it syncs you must be in range of the computer and therefore.

Alas, my fitbit also syncs to the phone and IFTTT wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. I really do think localized presence detection is when automation will become truly interesting.

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Any news on real Fitbit integration? The IFTTT support is limited. Would love to be able to take action on a sleep event.


I’m guessing no? I’m still waiting for this too… I dont know a single person with a jawbone… Only fitbit…

I noticed FitBit IFTTT channel had a way to report hours slept so I thought I’d see how quickly this was reported, maybe it would be useful as a trigger into SmartThings for when I wake up… it takes hours for the FitBit->IFTTT notification to show up after waking :frowning:

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I was hoping there was away to use my #fitbit. It tracks sleep and your heart rate and location. It’s linked to my phone app and my latop. I would love to see it be able to turn off the lights, lock the doors, shut the garage, and change the temp, arm the alarm to stay mode if I fall asleep or turn on the bathroom or halway light if I wake up at night or even start my coffee pot when I start my day. That’s what I call a smart home. I thought ST was going to be a lot easier to integrate and add things to but I feel very limited and basicly have to buy all new things that work with it. I’m kind of disappointed. I feel like I would have been better off paying for Vivint’s system.

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The problem with Fitbit is it doesn’t report in realtime. It only updates things a few times per day (unless you manually force an update).

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You can use the Fitbit IFTTT channel/service for SmartThings integration, it should work fine.

There was even an official blog article that mentions the IFTTT Fitbit integration. It might give you some ideas.

There’s also a Sami integration, but I would stick with the IFTTT for now.

I found this app IFTT and I can link my #fitbit there for some things but I am noticing it is kind of delayed. I will check the #fitbit settings to see if there is awake to keep it connected and updated.