First Impressions – not impressed

I hope for everyone’s sake my experience is not normal.

Double-backer pledge received - one HUB DOA - red LED is rolling around inside hub.

Other hub will not stay “Active”  I signed out of the app to see if signing it would help - I can’t get back in - bad password - password reset feature from phone is not working correctly.  It only emails a partial URL to reset password.

At the mercy of “email support” - which seems to be taking their time with any responses.

@kaosweb, understand we got this resolved for you. Let us know if you have any questions!

Yes…  I appreciate the extra effort.  Being a geek myself I understand “new” tech product issues - it was just frustrating to wait so long and then not be able to use it.

Excited to give some real feedback and impressions shortly.

What was the solution to the issues?

SmartThings got in direct contact with me - lined up a replacement HUB (overnighted it) and fixed the HUB issues.  We discovered the “Welcome Codes” were mixed up (packed wrong) from our Double Backer package.