First Impressions – not impressed

(Kaosweb) #1

I hope for everyone’s sake my experience is not normal.

Double-backer pledge received - one HUB DOA - red LED is rolling around inside hub.

Other hub will not stay “Active”  I signed out of the app to see if signing it would help - I can’t get back in - bad password - password reset feature from phone is not working correctly.  It only emails a partial URL to reset password.

At the mercy of “email support” - which seems to be taking their time with any responses.

(Garrett) #2

@kaosweb, understand we got this resolved for you. Let us know if you have any questions!

(Kaosweb) #3

Yes…  I appreciate the extra effort.  Being a geek myself I understand “new” tech product issues - it was just frustrating to wait so long and then not be able to use it.

Excited to give some real feedback and impressions shortly.

(Cory S) #4

What was the solution to the issues?

(Kaosweb) #5

SmartThings got in direct contact with me - lined up a replacement HUB (overnighted it) and fixed the HUB issues.  We discovered the “Welcome Codes” were mixed up (packed wrong) from our Double Backer package.