First Day with ST

(DawgOnKing) #1

Been “online” for a few hours and just trying to familiarize myself with functionality. So far the experience has been pretty painless but I do have a few quick question before proceeding with SmartApps…

Is there a quick way to configure when modes are generated - essentially how do I configure ST to enter Away mode when both myself and wife are away from home (via SmartSense Presence)??

I don’t want to configure a bunch of mode-specific tasks unless I know it will enter correct mode based on our locations.

Next, is a simple SmartPower switch task - turn on a lamp when we are gone. I have yet to find the correct SmartApp to configure this simple task. I feel like I’m missing something.

Finally, I want to configure a MultiSense task off texting a phone number when a specific door is opened. I quickly configured the SmartApp for this task using my cell number but what about adding my wife’s number? Do I create an duplicated task (with a slightly different name) and input her number in this case? That’s the only way I seem to get the dual-notifications I’m looking for.

Thanks in advance for help. Thus far I’m pretty impressed and enjoying setup.

(DawgOnKing) #2

I’ve discovered Bon Voyage to trigger mode change just now.

Disregard question 1 of 3 above…

(Kyle Ramsey) #3

The app “Make It So” will take care of your lamp request. Set it to become active when in Away mode.

“Notify Me When” will take care of your open/close notification via SMS scenario.

(DawgOnKing) #4

Thanks Kyle. I will check out Make It So.

As for Notify Me When, I have configured it to notify me via text message to my number but what about sending a duplicate text to my wife (if I’m out of town). Do I create two separate Notify Me When tasks - one names Notify Dad and another Notify Mom, each with a different contact number? Or is there a way to contact to people with one task?

(DawgOnKing) #5

Just programmed “Make It So” - thanks again!

Sorry for grammatical error on follow up - Is there a way to contact two people (via two separate cell numbers) with one task?

(Todd Wackford) #6

@Ryan Martin,

I modified “Notify Me When” to take multiple SMS phone numbers delimited by semicolons. It’s named “Notify One to Many When”. I shared it in the convenience section. If you don;t see it let me know and I’ll ask the ST support folks to post it.


(DawgOnKing) #7

Thanks Twack!

I’ll check it out and let you know, can you point me towards the convenience section?

(DawgOnKing) #8

It’s not listed anymore Twack, if you don’t mind asking for them to re-post.


(Todd Wackford) #9

`I submitted request for public use. Should be soon.

(DawgOnKing) #10

Thanks again!