First Alert Zcombo


When I moved from v1 to v2, I got everything working except my smoke/carbon detectors.

Following the instructions on the ST site, I press and hold the button for 10+ seconds (while the detector is powered on) to reset it to factory settings.

Then, I open the battery door, start searching for a new device, hold the button, close the battery door and hold button for 2 seconds and release.

I have three of these and I cannot get any of them to pair.

Does anyone have any tips or tricks (or words of encouragement) to share?

Thank you.

I had trouble getting these to pair as well. I must have tried 10 times, then I gave up and suddenly I had a “device not yet configured” the next time I opened the app.

I have one, which was purchased new, and had no issues pairing.

It’s been a while for me, but I thought the exclude process was the same as the include process - General Exclude in the ST app, open the battery door and then close it while holding down the button.

I dont have this particular smoke detector but i have had a few device that i was only able to pair by restarting hub. Worth trying…

Without an Aeon Minimote, I wouldn’t have any hair left trying to pair these.

For some reason, they don’t reset/exclude reliably with the SmartThings ‘general exclude’ feature.

Excluding using my ‘utility’ (it can’t be paired with any other controllers/hubs) Minimote seems to do the trick.

I then include within a foot of the Hub, then move the detector to it’s permanent location, and do a few network repairs. It helps to hit the ‘test’ button as well to confirm the messages are reaching the hub.

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