First Alert Smoke/CO keep disappearing from ST

Is anyone else experiencing silent removal of Smoke/CO alarms from SmartThings?

I have 2 First Alert Smoke alarms, and 2 First Alert Smoke CO alarms. Working fine for at least a couple years.

A couple months ago we got a false Smoke alarm on one of them. Then a couple weeks later I noticed a blank tile in ActionTiles and determined the same smoke detector had dropped silently from ST. I replaced the batteries (The other 3 smoke devices on the same battery change cycle reported over 90% battery). And then I repaired to ST.

A couple weeks ago I noticed that same smoke alarm was missing from ST again.

Then today I noticed another blank tile and determined another First Alert, this time, Smoke + CO alarm has disappeared silently from ST again. I tested the device first. It works, but no alerts through ST since it is no longer connected. Still I did a Z-wave exclusion which ST mobile app confirmed exclusion, re-included and replaced batteries. Tested and get notifications as expected.

Anyone else having First Alert device dropping problems? They just disappear silently so worth checking.

Definitely haven’t experienced this; but I guess it is worth watching more closely.

I’m on a Hub V1. Take note that various generations of Hub V2 firmware revision notes do mention various Z-Wave quirks. Perhaps this is a manifestation.

Good for you for not upgrading yet… that migration tool should be coming soon! :slight_smile:

Just had a thought, how hard would it be to notify and ActionTiles user when they have a blank/unlinked tile somehow? Thinking even nightly or weekly, or screen popup/overlay.

Isn’t there already a Device Monitor SmartApp for this task?

In general, I personally avoid coding for stuff “that never happens”. This shouldn’t be happening…

If it’s incredibly rare, very difficult to justify development.

I have two of these devices and help watch over another home that has 3 of them. I’ve not seen this issue.

Install Simple Device Viewer to monitor your dropped devices.

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