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First Alert Smoke & CO: Battery level report very wrong...?! CHIRP! CHIRP!

(Steven Green) #21

Wouldn’t that be nice? Can’t really say what’s going on in their firmware though.


(Matthew Thiel) #22

I ran into this problem just today, as the first of my units started chirping at 77% battery. I wouldn’t hold my breath for a firmware fix for these, so I figured I’d just re-calibrate their existing battery report to the approximate 77-100 range that it seems like these actually work in. I grabbed DH code off Github from the link above and changed line 190 to this:

map.value = (int) ((cmd.batteryLevel - 77) * 4.347826087)

That definitely won’t help with accuracy or the frequency of reports, but at least the values it reports would make more sense since they’ll be scaled appropriately.

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